Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer for The Fiber Laser

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer for The Fiber Laser

  • 2021-10-21

With the fiber optics revolution for telecommunications in the 1980s, fiber optical technology became increasingly more advanced and higher quality. The telecommunications boom in the late 1990’s resulted in a dramatic boost to the technical capability of fiber optical technologies and associated optoelectronics.

Radical improvements were made in superb quality, very long lifetime, and reduced price for many components: pump diode lasers, coupling, beam combiners, rotators, Bragg fiber filters, modulators, and detectors. Also, the fibers themselves have seen significant innovation over the last decade, with commercial availability of larger cores for higher power, double-clad fibers for multimode pumping, producing single mode lasers, and photonic band gap fibers for even more flexibility of fiber parameters.

The advances in these fiber optical technologies were originally targeted to communication transport applications. Nevertheless, the reliability, compactness, cost, and quality advantages also have merit for creation of novel optical sources.

In the last decade, companies such as IPG have been very successful in developing fiber laser technology for high power industrial applications. Although small core diameter fibers would seem an odd choice for kilowatt machining applications, they can indeed handle the CW power with superior heat dissipation. Also, the fiber laser reliability is a critical deciding factor in industrial applications.

With the rapid development of fiber lasers in the direction of high power, high-power fiber lasers have entered the stage of mass production. Therefore, more and more attention is paid to suitable large-diameter optical fiber fusion splicer.

Fusion splicers that can splice large-diameter optical fibers are not uncommon, and most of them are bulky and cumbersome to operate, which are not suitable for production lines.

Shinho Communication launched S27 LDF splicing machine ,It is portable for large-diameter fiber fusion splicer. It is small in size; with built-in lithium battery, convenient for laboratory and production line to carry; It can splice large-diameter fiber with 14 seconds for one splicing; It can be used for the production of kilowatt-level fiber laser machine. Shinho separate the 250 and 400 into 2 machines, which saves the cost of factory users and makes it more efficient to use. The fusion splicer price is much lower than Fujikura fusion splicer.

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