How to reduce the loss in optical fiber fusion splicing

How to reduce the loss in optical fiber fusion splicing

  • 2021-04-01

What is optical fiber fusion loss: The light transmission to the joint will produce a certain amount of loss after optical fiber is connected, which is called fusion loss or connection loss.

Cause of loss

The loss in optical fiber communication mainly consists of transmission loss of optical fiber itself and fusion loss at the fusion joint ponits. So it’s better to reduce the fusion loss as much as possible to ensure the transmission quality.

The non-intrinsic factors that affect the loss of optical fiber connection

1. Axial dislocation: the single mode fiber core is very thin, and the axial dislocation of the two butt fiber will affect the connection loss

2. Axial tilt: when the optical fiber section tilt is too large, there will be a greater loss of connection

3. End face quality: fiber end face loss will occur when the flatness of the difference, even bubbles

4. Physical deformation of the fiber near the fusion point

The tensile deformation of optical cable in the erection process, the clamping pressure of optical cable in the welding box is too large, and so on, which will have an impact on the welding loss

5. Other factors

The operation skillof the technicians, the cleanliness level of the electrode in the welding machine, the setting of welding parameters etc.

Methods to reduce the loss of optical fiber fusion

1. As far as possible to use a unified batch of high-quality brand fibers in one line

2. The erection of optical cables should be carried out as required

It is strictly prohibited to make small circles and fold and distort the optical cable in the laying process. Minimize the probability of optical fiber damage in the construction of optical cable, so as to prevent the increase of fusion loss caused by the damage of the optical fiber core.

3. Select optic fiber welding personnel with rich experience. The degree of personnel will directly affect the fusion loss.

4. The connection of optical cables should be carried out in a clean and tidy condition

It is strictly prohibited to operate in the open air in dusty and humid conditions. The fiber optic cable fusion site should be kept clean, and the fiber optic joint should not be dampened. The optical fiber shall not be exposed in the air for too long time after cutting, especially in dusty and humid conditions.

5. Cut optical fiber end face with high precision fiber cleaver

The end face of optical fiber directly affects the welding loss, so it should be without defect. High precision fiber cleaver can not only improve the success rate of optical fiber cutting, but also improve the quality of the optical fiber end face. This is especially important for the fusion joints (i.e., blind spots of OTDR test) and fiber maintenance and emergency repair

6. Use fiber fusion splicing machine correctly

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