Application field of fiber bragg grating sensor

Application field of fiber bragg grating sensor

  • 2021-12-10

    Grating sensors are widely used in mechanical industry because of their high measurement accuracy, wide dynamic measurement range, contact-free measurement and easy system automation and digitization.

    Application of grating sensors in aerospace, spacecraft and ships

    Advanced composite materials have better fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, and can reduce the weight of the hull or spacecraft, for fast shipping or flight is of great significance, so composite materials are increasingly used to manufacture aviation navigation tools (such as aircraft wings).

    In order to fully measure the condition of the hull, it is necessary to know the deformation moment, shear pressure and attack force of different parts of the hull. The ordinary hull needs about 100 sensors, so the FIBER Bragg grating sensor with strong wavelength multiplexing ability is most suitable for the hull detection.

The fiber Bragg grating sensing system can measure the bending stress of the ship and the shock force of waves on the wet deck. A 16-channel fiber grating multiplexing system with interferometric detection performance has successfully achieved dynamic strain measurement with bandwidth of 5kHz and resolution of less than 10ne/(Hz)1/2.

    In addition, in order to monitor the strain, temperature, vibration, takeoff and landing driving state, ultrasonic field and acceleration of an aircraft, more than 100 sensors are usually needed, so the weight of the sensor should be as light as possible, the size should be as small as possible, so the most flexible FIBER Bragg grating sensor is the best choice.

    Application of grating sensor in civil engineering structure

The structure monitoring of civil engineering is the most active field of FBG sensor. For Bridges, mines, tunnels, DAMS and buildings, the local load and condition of the structure can be predicted by measuring the strain distribution of the above structures, which is convenient for maintenance and condition monitoring.
    Fiber Bragg grating sensors can be affixed to the surface of the structure or embedded in the structure in advance to detect the impact, shape control and vibration damping of the structure at the same time, and also to monitor the defects of the structure. In addition, multiple FIBER Bragg grating sensors can be connected into a sensor network to conduct quasi-distributed detection of the structure, and remote control of the sensing signal by computer.

Complex and changeable application scenarios also bring great challenges to fiber coupling. How to make the fusion loss lower and the strength stronger is very important for PM Fusion splicer.

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